Beer Mat Media

Beer mat distribution is directly targeted towards pubs and bars.

If the pub/bar customer fits into the right demographic for your promotional campaign, then beer mats are a great option.

This form of print media is great for raising awareness on entertainment and leisure industries; such as sport, music & DVD releases, concerts & events, drinks and many more. Beer mats are highly visible and striking, and get the message across to people, without being annoyingly intrusive and in your face.

Beer mats have a double-sided print option which allows you to put two separate messages on the front and back. It is not static advertising; just like a lot of print media beer mats can be put in a pocket or a purse, and taken home to be used as direct reference to a client’s message.

“Our distribution service covers the whole of the United Kingdom. You let us know the area where you would like beer mat promotion and we’ll meet that challenge. There are thousands of pubs and bars across the UK where we can help spread your message to a large demographic of people. For all quotes on beer mat distribution please click on our contacts page.”

Matthew Bazell – Distribution Manager