Effectiveness of Indoor

Indoor advertising is an effective way to communicate with an audience

Big Smokes interesting approach to communication with an audience does not make us different from other advertising models, its just a derivative from outdoor advertising. The concept is to use the restaurant/bar Cinema/gym as an advertising environment. Postcard Racks on the wall of a Cinema or a Restaurant has chances of being perceived with around 60-80% accuracy. The communication is very simple and evokes cheerful emotions, and the ‘wow’ factor of super cool advertising containing impressive graphics printed in high quality. Generating the right emotions with the desired audience is where advertisers want to gain an edge, and has all the ingredients used to build a brand name, or sell a product.

To sum up the effectiveness of indoor advertising we can say the following about this kind of media

Firstly it is an effective way to communicate with an audience

Secondly its a great way to promote products/services and drive more sales

...and thirdly, its a great advertisng medium to present updates and build identity.

Indoor advertising is voluntary source of information. Adverts and commercials on tv and the internet sometimes give a bad experience and can be misinterpreted. Indoor advertising differs greatly in that it is not being pushed to an unwilling audience.