Postcard Media

For the past 15 years we have been a pioneer in the print media realm.

"Postcard advertising says the RIGHT THING to the RIGHT PEOPLE at the RIGHT TIME......Advertising with postcards makes REAL connections with REAL consumers'

We offer a free voluntary source of information for our clients and the advantage gained from advertising in our network of postcard racks is that cleints choose which postcards to pick up of their own will.

Our diligence in selecting and contracting the right venues to install our media displays has paid good dividends to our advertisers. We have also paid close attention to the desired target audiences which our advertisers want to appeal.


We have displays in several cinemas, restaurants, university campuses, bars, bowling alleys and whole many more. A full list is available on request.

Postcards are a great way to advertise because:

  • They inform the public
  • They are free to take
  • They are collectable
  • They can be shared with friends
  • They can be posted
  • Self-selected Media
  • Multiplied Readership

It is a completely voluntary source of information so brand recall is very high.