Video can be an entertaining way of engaging with your audience.

Corporate Video

A corporate video is perhaps the most accessible component of any website. A corporate video is quickly coming to be what people expect to see on a website.

Why Video Production?

A good video production conveys information clearly, quickly and in an entertaining fashion. Compared to print based media, a video production can be easily updated and re-edited to target a different audience.

These elements combined mean video production is now a cost effective communications resource for any business to use.

Our Services

Staffed by former ex-ITV personnel, Big Smoke Media the video production team ensures clients take full advantage of the falling cost of video production and rising access to the online audience. We’ve got 20-years experience in the industry.

Of course, produce a DVD and stream the video from your website, but also upload the video as part of social media campaign such as You Tube, Vimeo and Facebook.

Video Production: Why now?

We’re increasingly asked to produce video for all areas of ‘business communication’. From corporate talking heads to small businesses and start-ups, we’ve covered all formats with success.

Most recently Big Smoke Media, in conjunction with, have been producing online prospectus videos and videos for schools, colleges and universities. We’re increasingly working in Asia and our relationship with – an innovative business where students have access to unlimited content they can edit – is growing daily.

Commissioning a video

Whatever your interest in commissioning video content, talk to us. We’ll guide you through the process.


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