Hotel Network

Advertising in hotels is a direct route to the tourist market.

The number of hotels in London runs well into four figures and the vast majority of them are excisable and open to print media display. Information of use to the resident reflects well on the hotel and Big Smoke only provides smart and visible advertising for leaflets (1/3 A4), Postcards and Brochures. We cover big central hotels like the National in Russell Square, to the guest house districts of Kings Cross and Paddington, Kensington and Victoria. We can dispay media in upto 200 hotels in London.

Distribution to hotels meets a clear demographic which is the tourist market; however there is still the question of which area to target. For us that’s no problem, as we’ll go North, East, South or West and Central.

Hotel campaigns are sometimes booked simultaneously with our regular London display rack network which you always have the option of doing.

For nationwide advertising it’s sometimes a question of which city to target. If undecided over, for example, Liverpool or Manchester, the easy option is for us to go to both cities and maximise coverage. As with all Big Smoke campaigns we are flexible and work around what you the client want, as opposed to any restrictive rules.


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