Venue Areas

We cover popular areas across London to spead the word.

Covent Garden and Holborn

We’ve made this area a stronghold of venues due to the areas own long established stronghold in theatre, arts, culture and entertainment. No other area in London can rival WC2 for the mixture of pubs, cafes, restaurants, theatres and overall attractions. From the Royal Opera house off the piazza to the English National Opera half a mile away on St. Martin’s Lane. From the street entertainers, to the comedians who play in the established clubs, such as Top Secret which is our latest acquired rack venue. London changes over the years, but Covent Garden will always be the epicentre for London’s live entertainment culture.

Crouch End

Famous for the 19th Century memorial clock tower in the Broadway, this district of North London has over the last 15 to 20 years- grown as an arts and culture area to rival its neighbouring Highgate. Full of cafes, bars, pubs, and now a cinema (which is now a Big Smoke venue) there is no shortage of place to go. Crouch End, and now, its southern cousin Finsbury Park have ended up becoming one of the most sought after places in London to be in, and is also the home of Big Smoke Media.

The West End

From Oxford Street via Soho and down into Leicester Square - this is London the ‘Big Smoke’ as this city became known as from the 19th Century. If you were to take a Big Smoke Media display rack tour of this district you may catch a film at the Curzon Soho. Then go for a coffee at Bar Italia. Pick out a postcard from our rack there and decide to catch the play you’ve just seen advertised on that nice little piece of A6 print media. Before watching the show you go for a meal at the Cork and Bottle Wine Bar in Leicester Square. The show was a belter and afterwards you go for a drink at the Slug and Lettuce pub just off China town. Whilst in there you picked out a postcard from our rack which informed you of other things to do in London on your next visit. London will always bring you back.

Kensington and Chelsea

From the King’s Road to the Fulham Road, this will always be known for being the marquee and most exclusive district in London. Therefore Big Smoke has to have a hold in the door, and from the Chelsea Curzon Cinema, to the fashionable Janet’s Bar in South Kensington, we’ll get you coverage in London’s most wanted.


North London’s version of Chelsea and Kensington; Islington can certainly match anywhere for its number of bars, pubs, restaurants, cinemas and cafes. It’s a gateway into the City of London and the West End. The West Side of Upper Street takes you to Holborn. The East side takes you into Dalston and Hoxton which is on the way to the City district. Then again, with so much to do in Islington, a lot of the time you may just be happy to stay put.


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